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BGP AS List and potaroo

Have you ever wanted to see a list of all the BGP Autonomous Systems Numbers and what organization they are associated with? I did this morning and after some searching, here's what I found.

There is a cool website (cool in a nerdy BGP statistics sort of way) called that is "the personal site of Geoff Huston." The site has a blog and provides links to a variety of statistical analyses and reports on Internet BGP data.  No surprise that Geoff appears to work at APNIC.

The answer to what I was looking for is the massive list of AS Numbers that can be located here: - The list has the AS number followed by the name of the organization used when registering the AS. You can see some of the latest AS numbers in the BGP asdot notation at the end of the list.

As far as I can tell, the site has nothing to do with actual potaroos.

For future reference, I've added this site to the Tekcert Blogroll.

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