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Humanoid Robots are taking over the world, one job at a time


So, the word on the street is that Foxconn is going to be laying off a ton of their living, breathing employees and replacing them with 1 million robots. These aren't the robots we know and love from ages past. No, these are light-saber fighting, ninja robots that assemble iPhones for a living.

A little research turned up the company ABB, which has created a humanoid robot that has arms that move very similarly to human arms. These machines can be programmed to do simple, repeatable tasks such as welding and painting. Check out this video to see the range of motion on this thing:

Images of several sci-fi movies such as iRobot and Terminator flashed through my head while watching that clip. Let's hope the humans programming those things have consciences...

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All your jobs are belong to

All your jobs are belong to us!

sorry, could not resist.

All your jobs are belong to us

But can it program a router?

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