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CCIE & CCNP Salaries


After the surprise wore off from seeing how low salaries for IT managers can go, I started to wonder how much of a bump in salary the average network engineer would get with achieving a CCIE. This is the only current survey I could find, I searched and found a bunch of data from 2008, 2004, and older. 

So, for supposedly recent CCIE data, here ya go...

As far as this data is concerned, CCIE's get a bump of about $10,000 compared to CCNP salaries which are as follows:

Now, keep in mind these are the median salary ranges based on a fairly small sample of survey responders (less than 10% of CCIE's responded). This doesn't mean there aren't awesome opportunities out there that pay more or that you are guaranteed to make this much once you achieve a given certification. This is the middle of the road for a smattering of people that answered a survey regarding their salary.

Salary is the key word there. If you are a consultant, self employed, or work in a hazardous area (think military contracts or industrial plants), you can make more than someone collecting a steady paycheck. I've heard of guys with just a CCNA making $150+ because of the hazards they are up against. The down side is you are either always traveling or you are far away from family and friends.

Is it worth the couple extra bucks? That's a choice everyone has to make on their own. Some people are willing to work 6 days a week, 12 hours a day and live in a dust bowl with the risk of bullets flying over head. Others like having an easy commute in the morning, going out for Thai food at lunch, free time at night with family and friends, and football games on the weekends. I guess that's what you call intangible salary.

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Thanks for the additional

Thanks for the additional links! Good Data!

Looks like the "average" data on the UK surveys is pretty close, but a little higher than the US data when you do the currency conversion.

Average UK data is 60K Pounds
As of Today: 60000 British pounds sterling = 95634.0000 US dollars

The top 10% of UK CCIE Salaries seems to be much higher at 80K pounds ($120+ US). I would say this would be comparable to the consulting gigs and military contracts that you can pickup in the US, but the payscale surveys seem to only post the average and not the peak.

CCIE Salaries

This information does not match or even come close to the salaries I have seen in the past 4 years of CCIE placements in the USA. Discussions directly with CCIEs and their hiring companies are much higher. This data looks like the survey I saw in 2008 can you qualify how it was gathewred and who the source was? It is very misleading in my opinion.

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CCIE Salaries Data Sources

The data source is listed on the links provided in the post. The data all comes from, and I played no role in collecting the data. I just saw the payscale report and wanted to share the information to inform the readers.

Your questions do raise a good point though, especially where does their data come from? I dug into their site and found that according to the data collection methodology statement published on Payscale's website (located here: they have a stringent collection process:

Here's the quote from that site:
(quote) Our data analysis methodology is designed to avoid erroneous inference assumptions by only reporting actual data. Unlike other salary surveyors we don't use salary data from one geographic location to estimate what salaries should be in another location. We do not blend multiple sources of data into a single report, apply cost of living adjustments to our data, or artificially age our data. We only report data that we have collected and approved.

* We only use profiles submitted within the last 365 days.
* We report the average age of the data points used in creating a report.
* We never modify or blend profile data.
* We never apply inflation or cost of living adjustments.
* We never estimate salaries from one region to another.
(end quote)

If you have more accurate data and can share it and the sources, please do! I for one would like to see more salary information that points to potentially higher wages and I'm sure readers would too!

Also please note that there

Also please note that there is a lot contract jobs in the UK. A CCIE engineer can get anything between £350 - 500 / day. This equates to between £65k - £120k. Contractors pay a bit less tax (around 30% of gross) through limited or umbrella companies than their full time counterparts.

I work for a network services

I work for a network services company in London. At the moment the going rate for a CCIE in the city is around 550, 350 would be min for a CCNP. I also know IEs with architect roles on over 700/day


350₤/day or week? and another question, is the bachelor degree in telecom domain required for a network engineer with ccnp and +5 years experience? coming from a foreigner. i'm asking cause i am curently working for the ccnp certification and i want to know if there's a chance for me to work in uk.

Per day

To reply above, definitely £350/day.

Lucky you in the first world!!

You know, they are huge, fantastic salaries compared to the salaries in my country... I am a CCNA and a CCNA Security, studing for CCNP. I work as a Network Engineer, but not only networking... I am in charge of DNS, DHCP, e-mail servers everyone unix based, firewall, all the hardware including the data center itself (like racks, structured cabling and more), etc, etc... And you know how much money I make??? only almost 14.000 dollars per year. It is unfair or what?



You're probably from Brazil, as I am. Yes, the world is unfair and due to our cheap labor workforce people from the 'first world' are losing their jobs when their services are being outsourced. However, your rates are definitely below the baselines even for Brazil.
Time to look for a better job my friend.

Mhm... That's quite good

Mhm... That's quite good money from my view. My work is kinda simillar as yours, I can get paid about 6400$~ a year.

reply and news

Guys let me tell you that you deserve more than this.Excuse me but it's a kind of baloney, what you say.Change a job.You can earn much more than this.please, does anyone has an idea of how much a ccnp engineer can have in New york city? thks

Some reasons

Some companies consider additional factors aside from skill level, like are you a local and do you have family and property if yes then you will always be paid less because you are anchored to the area and not likely to change no matter what also they consider the impact on business if this position becomes vacant, right or wrong, If I am CIO and determine that I can vacate position (CCNP) and operate for extended time using temp/contract or simply outsource then the company will be less inclined to offer higher pay.
As example, I am ccnp, cissp, ccsa, mtcre, mtcwe, mtcte, IEEE CFOT, last year I designed configured and administer the largest contiguous wireless network in US, I am senior network engineer for large manufacturing corporation, citrus production corporation and two railroads. Also partners in various other geographical locations. I do LAN, WAN, Security remote access vpn, firewalls, access controls and some server administration. Last year pay 102K
I have a family and own various properties in this area local resident and this is reflected in that pay, but the company is also very good to me and that is worth something as well. But dude if you are only making 14K or 6K you need to go after more thats is not even decent.

CCIE & CCNP Salaries

Can you please provide me information on the CCIE & CCNP salaries in Brazil.

Thank you in advance!


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Based on the 8 respondents,

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