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Cisco RELOAD IN Command


I'm sure many of you out there have used this command, but for anyone who hasn't, this can save you some drive time. If you are performing work on a Cisco device that is remote and there is a risk that the changes you make may cause the device or your connection to the device to fail, there is a command you can issue before making your changes that can save you.

Reload in <time>

This command effectively issues the reload command after whatever duration of time you specify. For example, if you are performing work on a remote site router that could take the WAN interface down, issue “reload in 20” to reload the router in twenty minutes. The amount of time you use is completely up to you. If you have your change scripted out and it will take 20 seconds to paste it in, you might want to type reload in 5 to give yourself a five minutes to complete the change. 

After the reload in command is issued, make your changes and if all goes well, issue the following command to cancel the reload request:

Reload cancel

If you want to see how much time you have left (and you haven’t set a stopwatch) issue the following command:

Show reload

It's as simple as that. Hopefully this will save you a trip out to a remote site. Unless it's on a tropical island with sandy beaches, then you might want to forget to issue the command. ;-)

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Great! Thanks, Amir



also helpfull: reload at

also helpfull:

reload at xx:xx

but keep in mind to set/check the clock/ntp settings ;)

reload (time)

Thanks for the insight. Surely this is a must know command.

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